Why Choose ASED?

When other conventional treatments for dry eyes fail to heal the cornea Autologous Serum Eye Drops, made from your own blood serum and plasma to promote healing, relief and other essential components found in natural tears. Because you need relief now, and its time you got it.

Conventional Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic lack of moisture in the eye. If left untreated, dry eye syndrome may weaken vision and lead to eye infections. Most people don’t realize that dry eye syndrome can sometimes be so severe that conventional treatments do not work at all.

Customized Treatment

ASED are made from a patient’s own blood, ensuring a natural and biocompatible treatment.


Priority care and service dedicated to providing a quick, convenient, and cost-effective solution to obtaining your eye drops.

Promotes Healing

ASED contain essential growth factors and proteins that support the natural healing and regeneration of the ocular surface.


ASED are processed in a highly-controlled cleanroom, ensuring the drops are free from contaminants and safe for application.

Considering ASED Eye Drops?

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